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Where is Loui-K Empire located?

Loui-K Empire in Lagos Nigeria

How do I submit a demo to Loui-K Empire?

At Loui-K Empire, our creative centers reviews demo received from artist, as they are all established music industry professional, such as a manager, lawyer, A&R manager, producer, Disc Jockey.

: How do I find out more about employment opportunities with Loui-K Empire?

For information about employment contact ——-email

What is the exact contact medium as an artist who seek a management deal with Loui-K Empire?

Click here (Name fill, Email and number) CTA

Being a member of the press, who do I have to reach out to in case there’s a question about Artist under Loui-K Empire management, including requests for interviews, review materials, photos, videos, credentials and other assets?

For media related questions for Artist under Loui-K Empire Management, it should be directed to our public Relations department